Nurses For Home And Hospitals

Our main aim is to assist the patient in recuperating rapidly while providing all patient care services in the convenience of their own home or hospital. Our prices are competitive and reasonable for our services. You can count on receiving the most excellent hospital-like care from us. We provide in-home services for 12 and 24 hours. We are dedicated to offering high-quality, at-home healthcare support to guarantee that all our clients receive the best possible care. We provide our nurses for home in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Noida.

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Nurses at home

As we all know, in today’s time people are busy with their lives and hustle every day. They do not get time to take care of their elderly. For such patients, nurses at the home facility are the best. We at Mriga healthcare provide the best healthcare services and nurses for home and hospital for the care of the elderly. Patients can suffer from various diseases and problems that require daily care and assistance. Usually, the family members do not get adequate time for the patient and can’t help with the assistance. It is here that our experienced nurses come into play. We at Mriga healthcare have the best nurses for home and hospitals that have adequate knowledge about various types of diseases and their management.


We can help those individuals who need special help at home. We believe that people feel more comfortable getting treated at their own homes rather than at a dispensary, clinic, or hospital. We provide nurses that will help you achieve your optimum health and will also take care of your daily needs regarding the ailment that the patient is suffering from.

Comfort over cost-

In-home nursing care can provide the patient with professional medical care in their surroundings in which the patient would be comfortable. The surroundings in which the patient gets treated matter the most. The warmth and affection that the patient needs relax his/her mind and help the patient in recovering faster. Our nurses are professionally trained and the best in their field. Mriga healthcare always believes in maintaining the optimum health of the patient.

Providing nurses at home brings a sense of professional care to the patient’s own home which is specially customized for the patient. In hospitals and clinics, the services offered are almost the same for every patient. This makes the patient more comfortable as all his needs are attended to.

When a patient is suffering from several problems, the medications prescribed by the doctor tend to go up. The medications should be taken according to the prescription and at the prescribed time as well. Sometimes, the prescribed medications become too much, and it becomes difficult to keep a track of them. For such cases, home care nurses are important. Medication management is very important in such cases. One missed dose or one wrong dose can be fatal as well. Our well-trained nurses keep a track of the medications of the patient and give them at the right time.

Financially stable option

Home care nurses prove to be more economical than the hospital’s special care facility. Also, it is not feasible to keep the patient in the hospital for a very long time. It is highly cost-effective compared to the facilities provided at the hospital. Another advantage here apart from the financial aspect is the comfort that the patient experiences at his/her home. The patient will any day choose to get treated at his/her home rather than staying at the hospital for a very long time. This is a very economical option and beneficial for the patient as well.

Home nursing is most beneficial for the elderly. Some people have difficulty performing daily tasks such as bathing, brushing, going to the washroom, cleaning, etc. Our well-trained and highly qualified nurses can help the patient to perform these daily tasks with ease. The nurses help the patient to improve their quality of life of the patient to a very great extent. Performing such basic tasks can be difficult for patients with disabilities. Home care nurses can help these patients perform such tasks.

Various types of activities performed by our home care nurses –

Home nurses can perform various activities. From taking blood samples to measuring the blood pressure of the patient, all can be performed by the nurses. Such basic activities needed for the patient regularly can be performed by our trained nurses very efficiently. Our nurses are professionally trained and work for the betterment of the patient. Also, we offer the most affordable home care nurses that the individual can avail. The timings can be flexible as well. Some of the few services that our nurses can perform are tracheostomies, monitoring blood pressure, taking blood samples, monitoring blood glucose levels, handling stomas, catheters, etc. Our qualified nurses have the expertise to face any challenge that may arise in the care of the patient. However, for a very complex disease specialized equipment is needed for the handling of the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the nurses will be able to perform all the basic life support activities.

Yes, the equipment will be provided by the nurse itself. Extra charges may apply depending on the equipment used.

This depends on the patient’s demand. The nurses can remain for full night as well as for the whole day, according to which the charges will vary.