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We provide the most experienced physiotherapy services at home. What sets us apart from others is our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists. We treat a wide range of conditions like lower back pain, chronic pain, paralysis, arthritis, sciatica, pediatric conditions, Parkinson’s, post-surgical conditions, neurological conditions, and many more. We offers our Physiotherapy services at home in Delhi, Gurgaon,  Noida, Ghaziabad.

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Physiotherapy services at home in Ghaziabad


 What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, which is also called physical therapy is a health science performed by well-trained and qualified physiotherapists. Different modalities used by physiotherapists are various types of exercises, massage, taping, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), ultrasound, icing, dry needling, and acupuncture. Physiotherapy helps bring back mobility, strength, and function and increases the recovery time of the patient after a trauma or a disease.

Physiotherapists are well-trained professionals which help the patient live a better and pain-free life. Many patients suffering from common ailments like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, soft tissue injuries, etc. benefit from physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a one-stop solution for a better and pain-free life. The physiotherapist helps in restoring the mobility and normal functioning of the patient. Be it chronic disorders, acute illnesses, or post-surgery rehabilitation, physiotherapy helps in alleviating pain in all conditions. Other than the prescribed medicines, to increase the healing process physiotherapy is your answer. People with age-related ailments like joint pain and muscle stiffness the most benefit from physiotherapy.

Many conditions like headache, vertigo, carpal tunnel syndrome, respiratory issues, fractures, pelvic floor dysfunction, sports injuries, and many more can be corrected by physiotherapy.

Benefits of physiotherapy at home

There are many benefits of availing of our physiotherapy services at home. We at Mriga healthcare take proper care of the patients and provide excellent services at your doorstep. We offers our physiotherapy services at home in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida.

• The most important advantage of having home physiotherapy services is the zero amount of commute one has to bear. All the services that are present at the various physiotherapy clinics will be provided to the patient at their homes.

•Another advantage of physiotherapy at home services is the flexible appointment time. The patient can choose the timing of his/her appointment with the physiotherapist which would suit the patient’s schedule.

•Another feature of physiotherapy at home is the friendly environment that the patient gets while getting the treatment. Patients will be more comfortable in/her home rather than in clinical set-up.

•Physiotherapy at home will encourage the patient and his/her family to keep a track of the progress of the treatment of the patient and it will ensure that the patient is getting the appropriate treatment or not.

•Usually, a patient would think that physiotherapy at home service would be costlier than the actual in-clinic physiotherapy but it is not true. Physiotherapy at home services proves less costly than actual in-clinic physiotherapy because of all the money and time saved during the commute. It is not necessary that the physiotherapy clinic would be near to the patient’s home, so one has to travel to a far-off place to get the treatment. But with our services, we have made it easier for the patient to get the same service at his/her home. Unfortunately, people with disabilities and very elderly people can not travel to a nearby clinic. Our services are a one-stop solution for such patients.

• Availing physiotherapy at home means a personalized one-to-one session with an experienced physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will carefully listen to your problem and will devise a particular treatment plan for you. Generally, at a large physiotherapy clinic, the doctor would not be able to devote as much time due to a large number of patients. This, choosing physiotherapy care at home will encourage the physiotherapist to give more attention to an individual patient and cater to his/her needs which will in turn help in a better recovery of the patient.

Thus, it is quite evident that physiotherapy at home has a lot more advantages than in-clinic physiotherapy. It helps in the treatment of many conditions and aims at providing dedicated attention to a particular individual and increases the speed of recovery of the patient.

Why do you need Physiotherapy from us?

Physiotherapy has become a very essential part of the modern lifestyle. Whenever you feel that pain is not subsiding over some time and it is hindering your range of motion, you need to see a physiotherapist at home or a clinic. Patients can benefit from our physiotherapy at-home service and see the change themselves. People can take physiotherapy for a variety of medical problems be it neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiac, and Respiratory.

•Neurological problems can include stroke, spinal cord injury, balance and mobility problems, people having difficulty in walking, ataxia, etc. All these problems can be corrected by our expert physiotherapy services at home. Our Physiotherapists use different types of methods to treat patients with neurological problems.

•Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal problems is a very common service provided by us. Musculoskeletal problems can include all types of knee pain joint pain, cartilage and tendon disorders, fractures, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many more. Nowadays it has been seen that young people and ladies are experiencing knee pain very frequently. Our expert Physiotherapists have devised a new treatment plan to treat such patients which can improve their condition drastically and tell the causative factor for the same too. The most common problem seen and treated by our physiotherapists the problems related to back pain, knee pain, and joint pain. Our Physiotherapists not only treat them efficiently but also teach them physiotherapy exercises for knee pain, back pain, and joint pain in the future.

• Respiratory problems are very common nowadays. The increase in pollution and people smoking daily can make them more prone to such diseases and affect their breathing capacities. Our well-qualified physiotherapists help patients suffering from problems like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, and asthma. Physiotherapy for asthma is the most commonly seen problem among patients which is corrected by our physiotherapists with utmost ease. Our physiotherapists work in an organized manner and work in a systematic way to treat the patient and bring back his quality of life. We also teach the patient a variety of breathing exercises to tackle such problems apart from the conventional methods which help the patient to breathe more efficiently and freely after the treatment is over.

• Physiotherapy plays a very vital role in the life of children with impairment. Pediatric physiotherapy helps children with disabilities and impairments to live a better life and with an improved quality of life. A child’s physical and mental well-being is maintained by pediatric physiotherapy. New ways and methods are made to learn so that the child can cope with daily needs.

• Cardiac physiotherapy is another special type of physiotherapy which is usually needed after cardiac-related issues. It the most commonly found in physiotherapy after a heart attack. Patients who’ve suffered heart attack need physiotherapy post heart attack to prevent it from reoccurring and to maintain a good heart rate. The main aim of cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack is to help in decreasing the heart rate from an abnormally high rate to a normal heart rate along with blood pressure management. Our well-trained Physiotherapists carefully perform an individual risk assessment and a personally tailored plan is made for the patient which the physiotherapist sticks to heal the patient.

•Post surgical rehabilitation is a type of physiotherapy performed by our expert Physiotherapists at your home. Physiotherapy after surgery is a very crucial part of the surgery as it helps the patient to heal faster from the after-effects of the surgery. With our specialized physiotherapists Anyone who recently has undergone surgery, experiencing pain, stiffness, imbalance, decreased mobility, and decreased independence will benefit the most from physiotherapy after surgery. As we know, surgery can affect an individual both mentally and physically. Physiotherapy after surgery improve both the mental and physical aspect of the patient and help the patient in recovery and fastens the healing process. Our well-trained Physiotherapists will carry out a thorough examination and help you create a short and long-term goal to speed up your recovery process and get you back on track.

• For the first time, we have also introduced special physiotherapy for females. All female-related issues can be corrected by this type of physiotherapy. Some issues like urinary incontinence, pelvic floor issues, bladder-bowel issues, postpartum musculoskeletal pain, etc. can be corrected by this kind of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy for females is a very crucial part of the lives of females needed for the proper functioning of their bodies.

How can Mriga healthcare help you?

We at Mriga healthcare can help you bring back your life pain-free. Our well-trained and experienced physiotherapists heal the patients in no matter of time and in the comfort of their homes. They carry out a thorough assessment, and diagnosis and then devise a treatment plan specifically for the patient’s needs. Our Physiotherapists usually teach different exercises for the future to prevent the problem from reoccurring after the treatment is over. Our main goal is for patients’ well-being and overall health should improve. Our experts believe in providing the best physiotherapy services at home at affordable prices. Our motto is that no patient should suffer in pain and should be treated at home immediately and effectively which is why we provide the best physiotherapy at home. We also provide a flexible schedule for the patient to choose from. It is very easy to reach us as you can directly book a session or reach us on our given numbers.

How to prepare for a physiotherapy Session/Treatment at home

Although physiotherapy services at home is used to fasten the recovery and  healing process of the patient some things should be kept in mind while availing of the physiotherapy at home service.
• A good, spacious, and clean spot should be selected. The spot should be well ventilated and free from any clutter to make way for the equipment and other devices used during Physiotherapy.
• The patient should wear comfortable and loose clothing which should not come in the way of physiotherapy and limit the range of motion of the patient. As the physiotherapist will teach some of the exercises, the clothes shouldn’t prove to be a hindrance.
• Provide your physiotherapist with relevant information. Tell about the areas of pain, what is the nature of the pain and how long the pain, does the pain radiate to any other area, etc. The more relevant information you give to your physiotherapist, the more it will be easier for him/her to devise a plan for your treatment.
• You should be careful, attentive, and listen to the instructions of the physiotherapist very carefully. You should also ask questions to the physiotherapist if you feel unsure about anything about your treatment. You and your physiotherapist should always be on the same page. Then only the treatment will be successful and the healing will be faster.
• The exercises taught by the physiotherapist should be performed consistently and regularly. Then only the treatment will be successful. The regularity of the exercises would prevent the problem from coming back and would also act as maintenance therapy for the patient. The patient should take all the precautions to prevent the problem from coming back.

Importance of physiotherapy exercises

Physiotherapy exercises are the only way to prevent and treat long-lasting pain and injuries related to various diseases. Physiotherapists are trained professionals who’ve catered to these special exercises to strengthen the muscles and enhance the mobility of the patient. If these exercises are incorporated into the lives of the patient, he/she can live a pain-free life for a long time. Just like when a doctor prescribes a medicine to a patient, and if the patient completes the prescribed course, he/she eventually sees improvement. Similarly, if the patient follows the exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist diligently and consistently, he/she will see improvement in his/her condition with a significant reduction in pain and improved quality of life. The exercises taught by the physiotherapist range from very simple and basic exercises to advanced high-level posture correcting exercises.

Physiotherapy also helps to maintain a balance between the emotional and physical health of an individual which is the most important factor in today’s time.

With the availability of physiotherapy at home, you no longer have to worry about traveling and you can avail of all of these services at your doorstep and increase your healing process without aggravating your injury. We provide all of these services at a very reasonable price and with flexible appointment timings for the patient’s convenience and comfort. We at Mriga healthcare believe that patient’s health is our top priority and the patient should be made pain-free as soon as possible at his/her convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the services that are provided in normal clinic physiotherapy are provided in-home physiotherapy as well.

Yes, the physiotherapist will bring his/her equipment for the physiotherapy.

No. The physiotherapist will charge the amount for which he/she has provided the services. No extra charge will be applied.

Yes, it is as effective as normal in-clinic physiotherapy.

Yes, along with the people who can’t travel to the clinic the people who want physiotherapy services at their home can also avail themselves of these services.