Role of physiotherapy for back pain

Upper and lower back pain treatment by physiotherapist


The medical field of physiotherapy helps people to improve, maintain, and maximize their strength, function, mobility, and general well-being. To assess, identify, and treat the symptoms of sickness, injury, and disability, physiotherapists, have a thorough understanding of how the body functions and specialized hands-on clinical skills. In addition to injury prevention and fitness enhancement, physiotherapy also focuses on rehabilitation. To better satisfy a patient’s healthcare needs, physiotherapists frequently collaborate with other medical specialists.

Benefits of physiotherapy for health

Physical therapy (PT) aids individuals with specific mobility impairments, which may be congenital (existing at birth), age-related, unintentional, or brought on by specific lifestyle changes.

To alleviate a variety of unpleasant and mobility-impairing illnesses, physiotherapists collaborate with their patients by counseling or guiding them on specific exercises and educating them about certain lifestyle adjustments. In addition to encouraging walking and offering specific mobility aids, physiotherapists can assist patients in resolving their conditions.

Physiotherapists’ hand massages help patients feel less pain and stiffness by enhancing blood flow and relaxing the affected area. In addition, manual therapy is utilized to mobilize, modify, and improve the damaged area’s functionality.

Lower back pain treatment with physiotherapy

The physiotherapist for back pain

Physiotherapy as a form of treatment can help joints and muscles move and function better. It can assist in easing back discomfort and restoring your ability to move normally. Additionally, it can lessen the possibility of future back injuries. We can use physiotherapy for back pain, which includes various procedures and treatments.

Treatment for Low Back Pain

Physiotherapy is one of the most popular procedures for easing low back pain. It is utilized in both forms, alone or in conjunction with other therapies, including massage, heat, traction, ultrasound, or short-wave diathermy.

The vertebrae, discs, facet joints, ligaments, and muscles that make up the human back are one large interlocking structure. Due to this intricate structure, once the initial course of essential medicine has been completed, a back pain episode requires a strong physiotherapy-based rehabilitation program.

Key Elements

The main aspects of physiotherapy’s involvement in treating lower back pain are summarised in this section.

  • Advice and early activity – Strong evidence supports the idea that one of the essential parts of treating lower back pain is encouraging early mobility.
  • Physiotherapy that involves manipulation or mobilization focuses on encouraging the movement of the affected area in question. For example, targeting the precise point of pain is done using a manipulative physiotherapy approach.
  • Exercises for specific stabilization — In this area of physiotherapy, emphasis is placed on strengthening and stabilizing the muscles compromised by lower back pain.
  • General exercises and stretches – Depending on the patient’s specific condition and the source of the lower back pain, a series of appropriately planned exercises and stretches are typically performed.
  • Physiotherapists also focus on delivering proper ergonomic devices, advising patients to utilize the appropriate work infrastructure to prevent and treat lower back pain. This is because work-related dangers account for more than 65 percent of lower back disorders.
  • Postural guidelines: This part of physiotherapy focuses on teaching the patient how to maintain proper posture and the best postural habits to prevent lower back pain.

Our lower back pain services

We at Mriga HealthCare are aware of all these aspects and consider them in our practice every single day. We provide physiotherapy services at home in Delhi according to your comfort. Book India’s most renowned online physiotherapy consultants.

Our specialists can use various specialized methods, including analgesic drugs, nerve root injections, and physiotherapy, and we have years of expertise in successfully treating chronic pain issues.

We can assist if you are experiencing severe back pain problems. Our approach is to examine each patient before implementing individualized treatment plans thoroughly. This will help you quickly return to your best self.

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